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About me

Games fascinated me ever since I was a child. I’ve always been busy drawing my own worlds and characters, sketching out game and level ideas and playing video games. That never changed, although I do it on a professional level nowadays. I have a background in 2D and 3D art and animation, but now mostly focus on game and level design, whist remaining my passion for art. I define my own work by focusing on fun and innovative solutions, both independently and in teams.

From scripting open world encounters to doing abstract puzzle design, and from writing design documents to developing core mechanics, I simply love to design! So if you looking for someone who loves to come up with interesting mechanics, challenging levels, refreshing ideas or just to spice up your game world, then look no further. I’ll be happy to help!

Things I love

I love to be creative, helping others, hanging out with friends, learning new things and listening to music.
And I can make terrible word jokes from time to time. Sorry for that.

When it comes to games, I’m a huge fan of titles that use mood and atmosphere to create emotionally engaging experiences, like Journey (Thatgamecompany) or Limbo (Playdead). Also, I’m a sucker for older 3D platform games like Jak and Daxter (Naughty Dog) and Prince of Persia The Sands of Time (Ubisoft). But basically, I play all kinds of games and love to be surprised by and learn from creative new ideas in (indie) game titles.


“With his critical designer attitude, Daniël makes sure that his designs are clear and on-point. One of his best qualities is his honesty and ability to receive and truly process feedback, which makes him one of the finest colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As a designer, he really goes outside of the box, experiments with different angles and often even find ways to bypass the tools he has been given in order to achieve whatever he’s after. Would definitely work with again.”

– Ferdie Swinkels, 2018
Game Programmer (Kucheza)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Daniël Wewerinke. He worked with us at Guerrilla Games as a designer on Horizon Zero Dawn. I’ve gotten to know Daniël as an enthusiastic, promising designer who is driven and eager to learn. I am very pleased with the work he’s done. He can work autonomously but is not afaid to ask for input and he flags issues when he tuns into them. He takes onboard feedback well and can look at his own and other people’s work critically and analytically and come up with improvements. Daniël’s performance at Guerrilla Games exceeded that of a junior as far as I’m concerned and I have no doubt he would be equally valuable to any other studio.”

– Floris Kooij, 2016
Lead World Designer (Guerrilla Games)

“Daniël is highly motivated, creative, and easy to work with. When he came on board nine months ago, I helped him learn our proprietary toolset and get him up to speed with the processes here. Soon after, he was proactively soliciting feedback from me on content that was fun, clever, and demonstrated a high degree of creativity within our existing systems and mechanics. Daniël would be a great addition to any design team. I highly recommend Daniël and hope to work with him again.”

– James Kneuper, 2016
Senior Quest Designer (Guerrilla Games)

“Daniël is driven, shows initiative and is not afraid to show his work and let it be playtested by his colleagues. Daniël did his internship on Level Design with us which extended into a Junior Level Design position after he graduated, because we felt he added a lot of creativity, passion and excellent conceptual skills to our project at the time (Metrico+ PS4, Steam, Xbox One). He has strong communication skills and good knowledge on theoretical and practical level design that he effectively applied in all his work here. 10/10, would hire again :)”

– Roy van de Mortel, 2015
Lead Level Designer (Digital Dreams)