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Developer commentary on Relic Ruins #2: Burning Shores edition

By 16th September 2023Game Design, Horizon

I joined for another Guerrilla live stream this week, this time to talk about the content that I worked on for the Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West. I was joined by Senior Writer Emil Cholich, Senior Community Manager Narae Lee and the lovely Horizon fan community over Twitch. We talked about the collaboration between design and writing for the Relic Ruin and Side Quest and had a lot of fun messing around in the game while doing so. The stream might be a bit more chaotic than the previous one, but we do again share some interesting insights in the development of the content (and reveal eater eggs!), so I hope you enjoy watching.

Video contents:

03:00 – Messy introduction (trying to remember where to go in the game)
09:22 – Proper introduction
11:43 – Relic Ruin – Murmuring Hollow (designing an experience, collaborating with the writers and personal easter eggs)
52:20 – Side Quest – A Friend in the Dark (readability using lighting, embracing playtest feedback and more personal easter eggs)
1:43:10 – Hidden post-quest scene with Gildun (exploration rewards)
1:49:10 – Delver’s Camp*

* note that I did not work on the Delver’s Camp or the Delver’s Trinkets that you see in the video.

Watch the previous stream where I talked about the Relic Ruins from the base game here: