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Developer commentary on Relic Ruins

By 30th November 2022Game Design, Horizon
Guerrilla Live Stream nov 24 2022

I participated in Guerrilla’s live stream last week, and played through the Relic Ruins that I’ve designed for Horizon Forbidden West. I was joined by Guerrilla community manager Annie Lee and the Horizon fan community over Twitch, who asked me very interesting questions. It was so much fun to publicly talk about the design process, the challenges and the little Easter eggs that I’ve put in the game during the past four years of development. I hope you enjoy this playthrough and the behind-the-scenes commentary as much as I did giving it.

Video contents:

00:00 – Introduction (what I do at Guerrilla)
04:28 – Relic Ruin – No Man’s Land (inspiration for my puzzles, iterating on them and personal easter eggs)
27:18 – Relic Ruin – The Dry Yearn (guiding players by level design and planting a seed in the player’s mind)
50:00 – Relic Ruin – The Long Coast (how I got into puzzle design, radial design, Jazz Jackrabbit easter eggs)