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Boy character result

Boy model for Desert City

After doing an extensive topology study, I did this 3D character design from scratch in Autodesk Maya. I’ve learned a lot from this, although I still see some room for improvements in the edgeflow. (2014)

Sad man character

Sad male character for Dark Ages.

3D character created in zBrush. Posed and retopologized with zBrush for (static) usage in a game level. It looks a bit “blocky” since I didn’t apply the detail projection from high poly model properly. That was a big lesson I’ve learned while working on this project.

MrRoboto animation (animated GIF)

MrRoboto animation

Animated GIF of an animation that I made in Maya. The robot is modeled and rigged by Taco van Loon and I did the walk and idle cycles.