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Looking for a job

By 2nd June 2015Uncategorised

It’s been half a year already since I last updated my blog. I’ve been very busy working at Digital Dreams for the last five months. And in less than a month time I will be graduated with my bachelor’s degree. It’s weird to realize that I won’t be a student anymore. But on the other side, it feels like I’m already past the student phase in a way. Not because of the lack of parties (there is no such thing) but as a side effect of doing my graduation within a game company I guess. It’s like living the student life and being professional at the same time.

MetricoI wish I could stay at Digital Dreams for a bit longer. I’ve learned so much there and worked on two awesome projects. I also wish I could put all my work online that I did there, but there are some strict NDA’s that prevent me from doing that just yet. Since it’s a bit unclear how long I can stay at the company, I should keep my eyes open for work. (Disclaimer: the image on the right is a screenshot from Metrico, previously developed by Digital Dreams)

I would love to continue working as a game/level designer, preferably in a Dutch indie entertainment gamestudio. But there isn’t an awful lot of vacancies in that specific area. So that means I have to look at slightly different working fields that I’m also comfortable in, like 3D modelling or 2D art. Or that I should even look for jobs abroad.
These are exciting times, since I have no idea where I will end up in a month or so. But I do know I have the passion to become an awesome visual game designer and that I’ll try to contact just as awesome game studios from all over the globe (and comfy nearby). I’ve learned a lot from the folks at Digital Dreams and I feel like it’s about time to open the next chapter for me. I wonder where it will take me…