An update on When We Were One

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Just a quick update to let you know that the When We Were One portfolio page is updated with a gameplay video of the Desert City level and download links to the game’s visualization, prototype and the actual Desert City demo. The version that is online right now still suffers from quite horrible performance issues, that’s why you need quite a bad ass PC to play it.

However, with the help of our friend Steff, Max and I found the culprit that is causing the framedrops in the game. We are working on a fix right now, so expect a new version of the level to be online by the end of next week. I will update this post to inform you when that has happened.

Creating “When We Were One”

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I have always been intrigued by games with focus on mood and atmosphere, like Journey (by Thatgamecompany) and Limbo (by Playdead). I knew that I wanted to work on games like these when I grow up. But since I’ll probably never grow up, I gave it a chance to do it right now, for the last year of my study program.


When We Were One screenshotThe whole idea behind When We Were One came into existence after seeing the movie Gravity in the local cinema. I was intrigued by the way the movie uses both visuals and audio to show big contrasts in mood and atmosphere. Since the movie is set in space, there are moments where you hear (almost) no sounds at all. The protagonist can enter an exploding space station in the next scene, resulting in an ocean of bombastic sounds. This way, audio really helps to complement the contrast between very wide and open spaces (alone, hovering in space) and very narrow claustrophobic spaces (alone in the broken space station). After seeing the movie, I knew I wanted to make a game based on multiple storylines (what they call a “mosaic story” in film making terms) where each storyline is a contrast in atmosphere compared to the other. The individual storylines are intertwined somehow and together, they should tell a bigger story. Kind of like the movies Babel and Cloud Atlas do, for example.

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New website

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That’s right, my original website created in Adobe Flash is no more. It was time to update to something responsive, with an easy CMS and fashionably good looks that really complement my game design and art skills. So here it is: 2.0! So let’s look at what’s new.

Morphweasel logo

  • A lot of new portfolio items!
    I haven’t updated my old website in a while, so a lot of new work was created in the mean time. Everything important is online now and as you can see I really focus on (visual) game design now. I’m pretty sure that will be my future profession and my website should show that I’m capable of doing that. Right now I’m looking for a company to do my graduation phase in, so having an up-to date overview of my skills was really important to have for me.
  • Download my games!
    I tried to include a video and/or download to all of my portfolio items. Most of the games that I worked on are either playable in the browser or are downloadable for Mac and Windows operating systems. Look for download links on the top right side of portfolio items. (We’re still optimizing When We Were One for a stable web release. A download and video for that game will come soon!) Read More